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We provide end-to-end solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry, the medical industry, defence organizations, Government Agencies, and Research & Development establishments.

WSN Consults is a technology consulting company specializing in sensors, integrated circuits, security of wireless sensor networks module and system manufacturing. In addition to software and hardware development help organizations to identify suitable product or solution, procuring the products and helping the organization deploy it.

This way, clients can save valuable time and energy that is spent currently, in identifying solutions; interacting with vendors; analysing technical data; short-listing solutions; conducting negotiations; making the purchase, and finally deploying the solution. Further, our Technology expertise can help identify flaws if any, in our clients solution approach, and provide corrective recommendations

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Environmental Monitoring for Various Applications Detection

Our sensor solution can reliably monitor and analyze unknown and untested environments.It can be used for Weather Monitoring Applications, Precision Agriculture Applications, Ecosystem Monitoring Application and Tracing of Toxic waste.

Senimagi approach to mitigate gravity segregation of CO2

SenicMagi is a sensoric imaging based system that creates images with massive 3D visualization techniques and real-time sensing that produces detailed description and detection of CO2 plume within the reservoir with swamp intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) approach. High volume sensor data is acquired, filtered and streamed in real-time using high-performance and high-bandwidth interfaces.


By massive visualization SenicMagi can ultimately improve oil recovery and resource management It offers better image segmentation and detection algorithm by avoiding misleading quantitative distortion of information.It can generate control outputs based on user requirements by visualizing and collating data from dual feedbacks to achieve mechanical efficiency. It will set up efficient techniques for in-well data compression and transmission by deploying sensors. Innovation in 3D reservoir visualization, in-well data control and communication

Remote Air sampling by Senicargo Detection

Senicargo sensor detection system can help with the National security and Global Uncertainties. In particular, on how to use this method of detection at the Cargo station. Also, the application is can be applied in the health industry.Senicargo sensor detection system is an integrated technology development that will bring improvement of sensing mechanisms and devices. This device can detect the presence of chemicals by interaction mechanism which converts the chemical presence into some form of a signal that is analyse and transfer to the base station using wireless sensor network nodes (WSN) and Enhanced key management scheme for its security


SeniCargo sensor detection by analysis tends to be one of the hidden solutions for security at port for the detection of illegal chemicals and explosives.

WSN solutions development

WSN Consults is capable of developing wireless sensor network nodes with applicability to different aspects in engineering, biomedical, civil, structural and environmental engineering and much more to the benefits of the academia, military and the industry, detecting ambient conditions such as: Temperature, Movement, Sound, Light, Radiation, Stress/Pressure, Vibration, Smoke, Gases, Impurities

Realtime Pipeline Monitoring Systems

Real time monitoring and response to the Oil leakages & protection of pipelines in the Oil Industry. Detection of abnormal vibrations in pipelines. Advanced sensor and actuator based systems for safety and security of pipelines in the Oil Industry. A complete system-wide capability that is able to address challenges at the physical, communication, data and information integration levels. A systems integration expertise with the capability to prototype systems throughout a stacked architecture


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